Principal Message

Principal’s Message

“The Function of education is to teach

one to think intensely and critically.

Intelligence plus character that is

the goal of education”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Education is the inherent right of a family. In fact, education of a child starts at conception. Institutions came into existence to aid families in education. Different persons trained in specific fields help students to acquire intellectual knowledge and mould their behavior in relation to people and environment. In the beginning, under a master many received information and formation of character. Later on, as specialization became the order of the day, school system was introduced. Regularity, order, class routine, evaluation of knowledge and skill came to stay.

In this process, personal attention, which is sine qua non for a child’s growth, took a back seat. Personal attention of students has to be put back in the right track. A school is established for the sake of a child. The child should be the centre of all activity in the school. The teaching staff and others are meant to take care of the educational needs of the child. If all Staff members perform their duty well, everything would go well with that institution. For this, there is a need of commitment and dedication. There has to be a work ethos. From last several decades St. Paul’s College, Lucknow has created its own niche. This would not have been possible without the co-operation of Staff, Students and Parents. Kudos to everyone of you.


M.A., B.Ed, B.TH.