Principal Message

Principal’s Message

“The Function of education is to teach

one to think intensely and critically.

Intelligence plus character that is

the goal of education”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

If winter comes, can the spring be far behind?” is one of P.B. Shelley’s most frequently quoted lines from his famous poem “Ode to the West Wind”. It is an open invitation to everyone to stay positive even during the most difficult times. Winter is often seen as a time of death, as trees shed their leaves and animals and birds remain rather inactive, struggling to survive. What keeps life going is the awareness that after winter the beautiful and vibrant season of spring is bound to follow.
The quote clearly reminds us that our life consists of recurrent cycles of joys and sorrows. When something unfortunate happens in our lives, often we tend to get discouraged. We welcomed new year 2020 with a lot of joy and great expectations. But, suddenly the Corona Virus appeared on our life’s horizon, taking away the lives of many and threatening the lives of billions. All over the world people felt suffocated with the lockdowns, lack of proper medical facilities and vaccines, loss of jobs, economic depressions, etc. Even now we are not at all sure when we would be able to come out and live normal lives once again. Still, we have lot of reasons to be happy about. We’ve learnt many vital and unforgettable lessons for all lives. Medical researchers have learned how to work day and night to come out with proper vaccines to prevent the spread of such pandemics. Government officials have you learned how to take tough decisions and tackle such situations. People all over the world have learned how to live their lives with minimum things and greater concern for others. Let us welcome the New Year with open minds and joyful hearts, with the never-dying spirit of optimism to live, love and serve.
Wish you all a happy, prosperous and peaceful New year 2022. May God bless you with good health and happiness.waches

M.A., B.Ed, B.TH.