St. Paul's College


There was a pressing need for a school in the cantonment area of Lucknow. The children of the defense personal were severely handicapped for want of an educational institution in the Cantonment locality, as they had to travel to long distances to receive education. Besides, it was very difficult to obtain admission due to frequent transfers and postings of the Army personnel during the year. At that time, there were very few English medium schools in Lucknow city and vacancies were limited.

Realizing the hardships of these children, Bishop Conrad deVito, the first Bishop of the Diocese of Lucknow, inaugurated St. Paul’s School in the church compound on August 14, 1957 at the request of Sub-area commander, Lucknow Cantonment. It was upgraded to the level of Inter College in 2001, affiliated to the ICSE Board, New Delhi. The College has at present 2100 students on its rolls with sixty staff members. The school is a part of Society of Catholic Diocese of Lucknow, which is involved in educational, social and developmental works for the poor, marginalized and underprivileged of the society and the same society runs five reputed schools in the city of lucknow and many other Hindi and English medium schools, some situated in the remote areas of the 10 districts of Uttar Pradesh. Though it is a minority institution, it caters to the different sections of the society, keeping in vie the motto of the Diocese of Lucknow.

St. Paul’s has several airy, well lighted and ventilated classrooms. It boasts of possessing one of the best auditoria in Lucknow and a compound with lots of trees and greenery. The whole campus is very conducive to imparting education in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Students too are spared of the noise and traffic jams of the main city and many parents prefer to send their children to St. Paul’s because of the safety of the Cantonment locality. If these are the advantages, there are some disadvantages for the school being located in the Cantonment area, as, many people of Lucknow do not know much about the school and where the school is located.

Apart from imparting quality education, the school gives a lot of importance to extra curricular activities and a thorough instruction in moral values to enable students to excel in every sphere of life and face modern competitive society. The motto of the school is taken from the Latin Phrase, “Induamur arma lucis”, which means to put the Armour of Light.

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